Our Price

Prices will change twice weekly in line with movements in the previous seven days, of the international oil price, as published by Platts European Marketscan, and the Euro/Dollar exchange rate, as published by the European Central Bank.Prices will normally be notified to the Member by midday on the day in which the price change becomes effective. This communication will be by SMS text message.

GreatGas’s fuel prices to its members is based on Platts plus a wholesaler’s margin.

There will be NO REBATE guff like you get from other suppliers. Just a plain honest to goodness price per litre! When it drops in to your tank you know what it cost. You then set your price.

Our price today!

You can ring our office now on 022-23989 for our current price.

Recommended Retail Price

It is up to each forecourt owner to decide what to charge at the pump but with GreatGas at least you know the original purchase price of what you are selling!

Members are advised to be competitive within their local area and to set prices so they generate a fair profit from their forecourt investment.

GreatGas suggests that you need at least 4 cents to cover your forecourt overhead and anything over that will represent your financial reward for providing the service and the risks you have taken.

Credit Terms

Payment is by direct debit typically and we must be satisfied in relation to your creditworthiness. This means you must provide a bank guarantee to the equivalent of the value of one full load.

You can download a copy of a sample bank guarantee by clicking here and discuss this with your bank* manager.

There can be no derogation from our requirement to secure a bank guarantee from each forecourt.


The delivery price will be quoted based on the mileage to your forecourt from the closest fuel terminal.