So, what is GreatGas then?

GreatGas branding will offer individual forecourt operators a nationally recognised identity solution at no cost and none of the downside associated with being tied to a single supplier who can charge forecourt owners what they like for product. Great Gas Petroleum (Ireland) Ltd is part of the DCC group (

Why would someone give away an expensive identity system for nothing?

GreatGas has every intention of making a return on its investment in the brand but in a way that is fair to all parties.

What’s in it for our customers?

We’re simple folk at GreatGas and so our promise is Quality fuels at a fair price. We want our forecourt members to make a profit from their hard work and investment.

Will GreatGas give capital grants to re-brand forecourts?

Yes, to “early-bird” members. Call our office on 022-23989


GreatGas welcomes all independent retailers to apply for membership and while we do not propose to offer guaranteed territories we will seek to protect our frontier members in as much as this is practical.

Your own name in lights too.

We are not proud! So, we actively encourage you to put your own family name or your location alongside GreatGas. You can do so as long as you comply with our design formula.

GreatGas does not have a monopoly on good ideas. Really!

Hard to believe we know but we do not have a monopoly on good ideas! We encourage our members to make suggestions. So fire ahead and share your good ideas with us.

GreatGas has no magic wand? But watch out.

GreatGas is now in a position to deliver a very comprehensive brand identity system for free to members. We also have an excellent supply agreement with ConocoPhillips and with LSS Terminal in Derry.

What about food sales?

GreatGas recognises that food sales in forecourts are absolutely essential and that there are plenty of excellent options already available when it comes to branding your shop. That’s why GreatGas does not propose to get involved in food but will stick to maximising your margin on fuel and associated products for your benefit.

A word of caution.

If you are tied to a single supplier then carefully check your existing agreement to see what conditions you must fulfil to exit the arrangement.

What’s the challenge for GreatGas?

The challenge for GreatGas is to operate a low cost “virtual dealing room” on behalf of our members. GreatGas must operate so efficiently that it covers its overheads and profit requirements and our members don’t even notice.

What about rebates?

We get angry with all the rebate price guff offered by big oil distributors to confuse forecourt operators. Our ultimate promise to you is one price and no rebate nonsense.